Soundqubed 12

Do you have positive memories associated with listening to it? What comes to mind when the opening notes play in your head; guitars and a melody or is it the bassline and a beat? The best albums are auditory time machines, taking you back to sweet summer nights, school days and shared.

That musical nostalgia can make you feel like a teenager again, bringing back all the adolescent. Do your cars factory speakers force you to relive your glory days and all the charged emotions those memories carry with. Without good low frequency handling, poor bass response can be a nuisance and serve to remind. Good subwoofers add power to the lowest octave, which gives life and presence to instruments in the lower register.

When that low frequency is missing, the music. From bubbling bass riffs and mesmerizing drum beats to highly complex digital synth. Subpar subwoofers may add a few measly sounding bass notes, but a great sub, like the HDX3, excites and elevates. The HDX3 is capable of wonderful, musical sounding bass, which forms. A taller. The larger. We are ditching the stitching on the Watt Power Band.

Bass is one of the most important factors in any form of dance music - it stimulates us mentally and physically. The physical sensation of loud bass vibrating your body is powerful and maybe a little bit addictive.

soundqubed 12

All elements of the HDC subs were scrutinized for better performance at lower frequencies. The resulting HDX line is more efficient, plays lower, sounds better and sets a new bar for performance and value. Lower frequency use requires an increase in excursion. We started with a new cast basket which allows larger diameter spiders to be used, provided more excursion room for both the cone and spider travel while providing open airflow path for increased heat dissipation.

New spiders were tooled to take advantage of the increased suspension travel, the number of rolls increased along with the roll heights.

SQ-12DQVDD 12" Soundqubed Dual Vented

This extra material in the spiders increases the freedom of movement, lowering the Fs but allowing a high layer count for long term durability. The surround profile was increased in height which, along with the new spider profiles, reduces material stress while increasing excursion ability.

Cone area and moving mass remain virtually the same as opposed to inner-tube surrounds popping up here and there. The extra throw places more demand on cone strength, the HDX now use a cone pulp reinforced with fiberglass strands and formed in a non-press method to increase the cross section area of the cone walls.A stamped steel, powder-coated frame surrounds a dual 2. Available in Dual 2 or Dual 4 Ohm configuration. Function, affordability and low Fs.

From your ears to your toes, bass transfers energy to your body, making you one with the music. Getting chills when you hear your favorite tunes is called frisson. When you cue up your favorite tracks, the mere anticipation of those peaks and bass drops triggers dopamine releases as well. The HDS2. Its vented back plate supplies better cooling functions and decreased levels of turbulence in the coil gap while a conical back plate allows for greater voice control travel.

A green double-stitched Extended Range of Motion EROM profile surround design keeps your cone diameter as large as possible while allowing for long, controlled car speaker excursion. The EROM profile reduces mass over rubber surrounds and inner tube surrounds- with nearly parallel walls and a half-round top, it means your new subwoofer is self supporting, which helps control the forces of accelerating moving mass and enables the coil to track incoming signals with greater accuracy.

The EROM profile gives you more cone area, greater stiffness, and lower mass… Less mass is loud and fast! Bass completes life- It makes us feel the powerful drop that awakens something deep inside. You need to feel it to really hear it.

After you feel the rumbling depth, any system without it feels incomplete. A single HDS2. Products Subwoofers HDS2. Description Specifications Specifications. The double magnet in the HDS2. Black electroplated top and bottom plates are present to keep the motor in pristine condition. Stamped powder coated frame.


Vented back-plate for optimal cooling and less turbulence in the coil gap. Conical back plate to allow more voice coil travel. Black electroplated top and bottom plates. Non-pressed, fiber-added cone for maximum rigidity. Available in Dual 2- and Dual 4-Ohm configuration.

Alternative Products:.Damping Factor : Less than Dimensions : Q series amplifiers are fully stable down to one ohm. Strap two amplifiers stable down to 2 ohms. Remote Gain Knob Included. Products Q Description Features Specifications. High power, big bass, low price. The SoundQubed Music can enhance emotions, remove inhibitions, and bring groups of people together by positively charging your social atmosphere with a dominant sound.

Music draws people together socially and simultaneously separates them, creating intimacy within crowded environments. The Q For greater clarity, run at Watts at one Ohm or greater. Four-way protection circuit safeguards include speaker short protection, making sure your SoundQubed car speakers and subwoofers. DC offset protection is present so you can enjoy the best possible listening experience.

Want even more bass? Utilize the sharp 24db octave slope crossover for your big car builds or anything that is not installed in a closed-off trunk- the abrupt slope gives you the option to use a lower crossover point between tweeters and midrange speakers while reducing the risk of damage to your speakers. As with all other SoundQubed Q-series monoblock amplifiers, a remote gain knob with a clipping indicator is included for your convenience and ease of use! Who says you have to choose between the two?

Enrich your world with the SoundQubed Q Alternative Products:.Since today typically would be tax day we have put together a deal for you. A pair of HDS3.

They are up and live on the site under Tax Season Bundle. Good afternoon all. Check out the new look of Q-mat sleek silver with green logos instead of the black and green of old. Get yours today at soundqubed. Going live in 5 minutes on our Facebook page to show the goods. Tune in to see what is in the pile you won't be disappointed.

Willie Parkers build is as aesthetically pleasing as it is acoustically astounding. Want to be featured? DM us! Afternoon all!! Who doesn't like a good sale. We will be starting a "garage sale" of sorts very soon.

You will want to keep an eye out in this B-stock blowout. Have some this that were hiding out that we found while getting ready to get into our new space. Good morning everyone. Saw this yesterday and just had to share a visual aid to help understand what is going on within a system a bit. What's awesome about social distancing?

More time to work on the build! Bud Owens is going to get nasty once this project is finished. If ever there was a time to DIY, it's now. Happy Thursday all. Work is continuing on 1loudbucket this week. Power and substage have been decided on. Mids and highs will be powered by 2 Q's still deciding on what speakers to actually run I mean its got 6 doors so there is that. The rollers for applying the Q-mat finally arrived so more updates coming soon.

So stay tuned. Ready for a backyard project? Here's to kicking off a new week. Work on 1loudbucket began this weekend applying Q-Mat to it.


The most overlooked part of applying this we feel may be the preparation of the panels it is being applied to.This enclosure requires a 21 day period from payment to shipment. If you are looking for a compact and properly engineered enclosure then look no further than this aero ported enclosure.

When you combine these together you have one of the best enclosures for your money! Thanks for looking! Dave Marin. Specifications :. Tuned specifically for:. SoundQubed HDS SoundQubed HDC3. SoundQubed HDC Outer Measurements:. Total Net Airspace calculated after all displacements :.

Total Gross Airspace calculated before all displacements :. Tuning Frequency:. CNC precision cut birch wood. More accurately than any human. Black Aero Port. Shipped with XLPE foam high quality foam found in pelican cases. Free Shipping. Shipping Policy:. Free shipping within the 48 contiguous states. Your enclosure will be shipped via UPS or Fedex and will take days of travel time depending on your location. You may return your enclosure within 6 months of purchase.

The enclosure must be uninstalled, in original packaging and condition. All returns require a Return Authorization number. Please contact us to receive your RA number before shipping your return.

We do not cover return shipping damage. Enclosures may be returned for repair within 2 years of purchase. This means if your enclosure is structurally defective, we will inspect the enclosure and do the repairs for free.

This does not include cosmetics. Customer must pay shipping both ways. Please contact us to receive your RA number before shipping your repair.

Features: CNC precision cut birch wood.Shape your listening experience with a range of audio products and the information you need to complete your next killer build. We'll be introducing more great features in the months to come. Approach your next DIY build with confidence using these guides. Is music something you use for utility, like a blanket of noise to mask background sounds? Or is it something more vital to you every day, akin to oxygen, water, and shelter?

For audiophiles, music is more than an ambient wall to absorb unpleasant interruptions- Music is the language of your heart as well as the pulse that keeps it pumping. It affects a greater area of our brains than any other external stimuli and triggers deep feelings, both comforting and familiar, as well as new and enticing. Your skin absorbs the melody, the bass soothes your soul, and the song makes its way to your heart.

Music is a universal language of depth and resonance. Music can represent a myriad of emotions and feelings, marching straight to the soul in time with the drums and bass. It even has the capacity to imitate our own emotions- the subtle intro, the winding growth of the beat, climactic break and finality of the outro speak to the human experience in a number of ways. Bass completes music. It not only makes us FEEL the music but also makes us a part of the song itself, as our bodies bathe in a sea of low frequencies, awakening something powerful within each listener.

We have an intrinsic draw to loud and low music. It gives life to something primal, something ancient, like drums beating around a primordial fire. Learn about the new site. Do it yourself Approach your next DIY build with confidence using these guides. Setting Up Your Amp. Wiring Guides.

soundqubed 12

Woofer Net Volume. Enclosure Cut Sheets. Listening to the right song at the right moment can elicit a powerful, nostalgic response that has less to do with the tones themselves and more to do with the experiences of which that song reminds you. Our ears were made for bass. The sacculus is found inside our ears and has a direct connection to our brain's pleasure centers, and it requires low frequencies greater than 90 dB to release the good-feeling dopamine!

Therefore it stands to reason that buying SoundQubed HDX3 and HDX4 Subwoofers will make you a happier person, provided you've upgraded your vehicle's stock electrical charging system!Hey y'all, jus doing a lil upgrading on my equipment this week n one of em is a Soundqubed HDC3 I hear some say tune high, some say don't use too big of a box, etc. Everyone has their preferences, and within reason, i dont mind giving up a lil volume if i can get it to play lower Love to hear y'all experiences ab what you've heard and what sorta tuning n box size y'all had best results with.

I got mine breaking in w my old box, but by the time I'm ready to turn it up I'd like to have a good starting point. I'm gna have a good amount of power go in to it, which is when I was told not to use a big box w those subs. I'm sure it's a preference thing, but I'm not one to assume anything, so I'm gna wait till I have a good feeling ab which way to go.

How much power are you going to be running? The larger the box the less the mechanical power handling of the sub is, which is why you hear not to run a large box on high power. Just what "high power" is is a bit subjective though. As as far as tuning goes, it depends on what you want to do with the system. Higher tunings will have higher peak SPL numbers, but they sacrifice low frequency output.

A general guideline is to tune a few Hz above the lowest frequency you want to be able to play well. Most likely i will be somewhere around 3k.

This way i can keep the gain down n the amp cool for extended road trips Realistically, im waiting till i have the extra cash to get my alternator at the same time prob by the end of summerso until then i have a watt brutus goin to em.

Soundqubed website says "12 inch subs work in 1. Personally, i like the deepest of the deep bass and in the past have mostly tuned my subs in the low 30's, but i want to get the most out of it so maybe theres a sweet spot w these?

If you like really low bass, tune low. Unless you are going to be competing you aren't going to miss the slight amount of peak output loss from tuning a bit lower.

You can't really hear the difference between a couple Hz difference in tuning anyway. Thx man So what changes did you notice between each? Do you think there was enough difference between 35, 32 and 30 to go that low?

Thats a good point, no i wont be competing, unless we count showing off a lil from time to time lol but yea i jus want to have every bit of efficiency and potential from my box as i can Im not the most experienced guy around, but my woodworking skills are pretty good, so ive always made my own box w pretty good results.

The listed parameters on these subs jus seem to be sorta random, so i figure if enough people reply, there will be a pattern of what was working for other folks, so i just mounted it in my old box for the break in period. The thing I didn't take into account is that the sub is only rated so I guess for a sub that is rated at that it played low. I'd say the best box was the 32 2.

soundqubed 12

How much clean power do you suppose it handled based on your gain setting? I could easily clip if I turned the knob just a hair and then it would get smelly fast but it took a lot of clean power. Search In. Welcome to the SMD forum! Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

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