Fired from walmart for attendance

I was helping another associate lift a pallet and as I had the pallet in the air my back locked up and it felt as if I pulled a muscle. Today I had to call out because I'm still in pain and I'm worried about losing my job because of Walmart attendance policy. Yes this incident was reported to management for workers compensation. If u miss 3 days they will fire u they do not care for what reason medical or family reasons they dont care u will not have a job walmart is not for it employees only for money.

They can't fire you if you're out on a workers comp claim. You need to have been seen by a doctor though. It's part of the workers comp claim process. They pay for it. Go to work even if your back hurts and do what you can. It will be better for your back than sitting at home. Don't do anything stupid and hurt your back more.

There is no policy that requires you to hurt yourself. Use the equipment that is furnished. Answer Save. Rasheeah Foster.

Favorite Answer. Pop 3 years ago Report. They aren't going to fire you after one or two absences, if your previous record is good.

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Make sure they realize this is why you are calling out.All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Labor and Employment Law. If you are fired for attendance can you get unemployment? Wiki User In most cases, yes you can.

You will receive notification once you file for Unemployment.

fired from walmart for attendance

Once you have filed you will be sent a letter and asked to call a number and claim although no money will be given at this point. After about 5 weeks you are asked to do a phone interview where your employer, an Unemployment agent, and you will participate.

Most cases your employer won't participate but there are some that do. After the interview they will determine if you were fired because of an ongoing medical condition or if you just didn't go to work. If your reason is the latter, you will most likely not receive benefits. If you do have a recurring medical condition, then mention this to the claims interviewer that you talk to and they will ask you to fax this info to them to give "evidence" to your claim.

You will receive notification from the Unemployment center after approx 3 business days if you will receive benefits or not. Basically, if you get the unemployment you were penalized 5 weeks without benefits because of the attendance issue.

You cannot get unemployment if you were fired for attendance. You generally cannot get unemployment if you were fired for any reason. It really depends on why you were missing days at work in the first place.First Quarter Finance. If you previously worked at Walmart, you may be eligible to be rehired. If you left on good terms, you are more likely to be rehired, but Walmart does rehire employees who were terminated for various reasons.

However, if you were fired for committing a crime, you are better off applying elsewhere. We interviewed many current and former employees and managers on their rehire experiences and detailed our findings below. If you were an employee in good standing when you left your job at Walmart, you are more likely to be rehired, a Walmart store manager said. Reasons you might have left on good terms include:. To apply to be rehired, start by filling out an online application.

You may be eligible to be rehired even if you were previously terminated from Walmart. You can often reapply for the job you had or a position you feel better qualified for. You may be eligible to reapply if you were terminated for:. When you were terminated, a store manager conducted an exit interview to explain why you were being fired. During this interview, the manager should have told you whether or not you could reapply and how long you would have to wait before you would be eligible to be rehired.

fired from walmart for attendance

An exit interview is a good time to explain any circumstances outside your control that contributed to your termination. For example, you may have been late to work because your car broke down or had to miss a shift to stay home with a sick child. If your manager understands what happened, he or she may be more likely to rehire you in the future. You can increase your chances of being rehired if you spend time at another job and can show that you have been working on whatever problems led to your termination.

There is a Walmart no rehire policy. Walmart will not rehire employees who were terminated for committing crimes or misdemeanors. If you apply to be rehired at Walmart after being fired for one of these reasons, you run the risk of facing charges. The statute of limitations for more serious crimes is even longer.

If you were fired for a crime or misdemeanor, you are better off applying for a job somewhere else. This is true even for employees that left on good terms. According to emails from a Walmart One representative, you can find out if you are eligible to be rehired by contacting your former Walmart manager. The Walmart managers we spoke to for this article suggested that former employees can contact the company through Walmart One, the website for Walmart employees, to ask if they are rehire eligible.

The media representative, however, stated that this was not true. According to Walmart One, this has caused a lot of confusion. In most cases, you can apply to be rehired at Walmart if you complete an online application and pass an interview, background check, and drug test. If you were an employee in good standing when you left, you can apply 90 days after you left.

fired from walmart for attendance

If you were fired, you will need to wait six months to a year before you reapply, depending on the store. To find out if you are eligible to be rehired, contact your former Walmart manager. Want some side income in the meantime? Check out our article that lists creative ways to earn money on the side.This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.

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As some of you know, I work for Walmart. A couple of days ago they unveiled a temporary policy during this pandemic: COVID Policy to Support the Health of our Associates During this uncertain time, if you determine you are unable to work or are uncomfortable at work, you can choose to stay home.

To ensure you feel supported making this choice, we will waive our attendance occurrence policy through the end of April, but please call in as usual to let us know. In order to be paid for this time, you may use your regular paid time off options. Now, the good. I applaud them for ensuring that we all still get a paycheck if we get ill or gub'ment mandates a quarantine in the area.

That's really awesome on their part. The bad. We already have a really hard time getting people to come to work. Honestly, our attendance policy is already really lax, and I fail to understand how people often get fired for attendance. As soon as word of the policy spreads, Walmarts nationwide are going to be extremely short handed more so than usual and guys like I will be picking up the slack. I actually witnessed customers grabbing TP from pallets yesterday before the associates could even stock the shelves with it.

If it goes longer than that, than yeah, all bets are off.

Getting fired from Walmart, unemployment?

Walmart is very involved in government, and may as well have all of the money in the world. I personally don't need the income, I took the job for cheap health insurance, but if any company can keep this promise, it's them. Im actually really surprised at that policy. Shockingly, it seems like they actually care about their employees. Of course, it could be just for optics lol. I'm happy to hear that, but ask the employees of that are privately owned.

And I think you missed the messagelast time I was in walmart their jeans were made in mexico or south america, if they fail how are you going to stay employed and insurance wise is not a right, but only a gift from a company that can afford to pay it. We got 17 pallets of store brand bottled water in last night. Cheers Pretty much, this is merely to maintain confidence for a short while.

Please update this thread as much as you can. What yang was telling us about might come sooner than expected. Neither of these things lends well to faking it.

The first paragraph simply states that people can use any sick time they've already accrued - which is no different than usual. They're going to abuse the fact that we can call in, sick or not, till the end of April and face no consequences for it. If so then you already know the reality that, at store level, if anyone is seen as abusing the policy by management there's a very good chance that they'll return from their opportunistic holiday to find that their 35 hours per week is suddenly whittled down to 8 or 12 - in two shifts.

Opportunists may not get strikes or whatever term Walmart uses for missed days but they can still face consequences in that regard. They had a meeting for upper management to take note and mark down the people who called in because they are "uncomfortable.

Which is understandable, because a load of people wouldn't come in because of fear lol of getting it.However, the company has yet to confirm reports that pregnancy-related absences may be authorized, which would be a major victory for pregnant workers.

The company is planning to introduce 48 hours of paid time off PTO for all employees, which can be used when emergencies arise for employees or their family members so employees can avoid incurring points. Forty-eight hours of PTO would be the equivalent of six paid days off for those who work an 8-hour shift. Both women explained to their supervisors that they needed to miss work because they were going to the hospital, concerned about the health of their pregnancies. They were each told they could go, but they would receive a point for the absence — and those points ultimately cost them their jobs.

ABB urges Walmart to ensure that its new policy changes include assurances that workers will not be punished for any lawful absences, including those related to pregnancy and other serious medical conditions. Furthermore, certain aspects of the proposed policy changes, such as lowering the threshold for points that can trigger termination, would make it even more harsh on workers. A Better Balance is a national legal nonprofit fighting to give American workers the time and flexibility they need to care for their families without risking their economic security.

Pregnant Workers Press Release Walmart. Share This. Related Posts. All rights reserved.Sixty-one-year-old Jose Ramos says he often experienced racism and discrimination from his department manager toward the end of his 17 years working as a forklift operator at a Grand Prairie, TX, Walmart. Ramos is one of several former Walmart employees who alleged to Splinter that they were wrongfully fired because they were making too much.

Several other current and former employees alleged wrongful termination for becoming pregnant or getting sick.

There is a pervasive fear among employees, they said, of any combination of these conditions leading to reprisal from management, including job loss. Splinter spoke with a dozen Walmart employees across the U. Walmart did not respond to multiple requests for comment for this story over a period of weeks. The company has long faced issues with employee turnover ; some workers charge that the company encourages it as a way to minimize labor costs.

He said that, on May 11,his department manager ordered him to lift an insecure pallet with the packages bursting out of its plastic wrap. I insisted it was not my fault. Then the manager pushed me and I fell backwards onto the items falling off the pallet, bruising my leg. A week later, Ramos was fired from Walmart. He said he was not paid any of the hours in sick and vacation time he had accrued, nor given a formal reason for his firing.

Sixty-four-year-old Willie Bell said he was fired in August under similar circumstances by management at a Lancaster, TX, Walmart, where he worked for over 20 years. He was fired for stepping on a stock shelf—an apparent violation of policy—but told me he felt this was used as a pretext to fire him.

They failed every category in safety. I had fellow employees accusing me of calling OSHA. This fear is reinforced by strict attendance policies that prevent employees from taking too many sick days even with proper medical documentation.

BREAKING: Walmart Changes its Absence Policy Following Groundbreaking Report and Lawsuit

The points expire after six months. Several employees told Splinter that, despite providing documentation from doctors, they were still given points that either led to their termination or put them in jeopardy of being fired. A Walmart source provided Splinter a copy of the most recent version of the attendance point system, embedded below. At the time, Gonzales was visibly pregnant and informed Walmart her baby was due in a few months.

Issues began almost immediately. They told me it had to be specific light duty and would take several weeks to go through corporate and get approved. As a new hire, Gonzales had to adhere to stricter attendance policies, which led her to immediately return to work after going to the emergency room because of complications with breathing before she gave birth. On December 2,Gonzales gave birth to a baby boy; she had to have an emergency caesarean section because her baby had the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck.

They said they would call me back and they never did.For 5 unexcused absences. Now im having to appeal my case for unemployment. I worked hard and above and beyond for this so called "family" company. How can I beat it? Any suggestions? If you don't have personal, vacation or sick pay to cover the days you missed then they're unexcused, doctor's note or not.

Took me 3 years to finally asked around to find all these loopholes mentioned above. Still taking advantage of it.

fired from walmart for attendance

Mgmnt will try to act dumb and get you fired if you don't know your policy and fight it. You know what I do If Mgmnt don't listen? I call market. Then store mgr apologizes for the confusion.

How did you make out? Also what caused the unexcused absences did you call in and get a confirmation number? Is what this S. Yang lady is saying true, that if you do not have sick time or personal days they are then considered "unexcused" If so thats the unfairest thing I've ever heard of What if a new hire gets sick it happens especially going from day shift to over night like I just did the body takes time to adjust!

When i do need to call in. I find it weird that there is only two comments on this post, because it is very informative. Anyway, I've been working at Walmart for almost two months as part time, but I was told the same attendance policy applied to me as it would a full time employee when I was hired in.

We don't have many full time people anyway hardly many people working there at allunless you count the many assistant managers we have. I called off today second time since I've been working thereI decided to actually talk to a manager, just to hear what they have to say.

They sure didn't sound pleased when I told them I'm sick, they even asked "you're really not going to be able to make it in today, huh? Anyway, what I want to know, as the other person posted above me, what is the definition of an unexcused absence at Walmart? Let's say you call in 3 consecutive work days. Do this so you get paid all 3 days. If you have no vaca or pers hours to cover the first day, then day one is unexcused. If you have nothing to cover those 3 days, it's still count only as one unexcused absence.

Unexcused just means you don't have anything to cover those days. If you have a health problem or is a caretaker for family member, you may be eligible for intermittent leave. Which means you pretty much take days off when needed and still keep your job. I work at wal-mart and got a verbal discussion for missing 3 days because I was sick. They said unless I had vacation or sick time it counted as an unexcused absence.

The only exception was bereavement a death. An unexcused absence at Walmart is any shift you were scheduled for but did not work, with very few exceptions. Exceptions include bereavement, jury duty, and leave of absence, all of which require action on the associates part before they can be excused.

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