Award winning all grain beer recipes

We recently explored some famous German beer styles. Munich Dunkels use little if any heavily roasted malt. That means no black malt and no roasted barley. Most of the color and flavor in this beer comes from mid-range malt, particularly Munich malt. Extract and partial mash brewers may use Munich malt extract.

The Munich malt provides the somewhat sweet, bready, malty flavors that characterize this beer. In terms of hops, only enough hops are used to provide balance to the beer. In a five-gallon Munch Dunkel lager recipe this may only be an ounce or two of hops. For an accurate representation of the style, only German varieties of noble hops should be used. When brewing a Munich Dunkel Lager recipe, fermentation temperature control will be imperative. Before attempting to brew this beer or any lager for that matterread Controlling Homebrew Fermentation Temperatures.

Specs OG: 1. Ingredients 8 lbs. Munich malt 2 lbs. Wheat malt 4 oz. Chocolate malt. Hallertau hops at Hallertau hops at 2 packets Wyeast Bavarian lager yeast 1 tbsp. Irish moss at Directions : The day before brewing, prepare a 4L yeast starter. Mash grains in about 3. Bring it to a boil for 20 minutes. Do a minute boil, adding hops according to schedule. Aerate wort and pitch yeast. Bottle or keg for 2.

Share in the comments below! What water profile does this Munich Dunkel Lager start with to make the beer? Is the calcium carbonate added to the water profile that begins the recipe or RO water? Kim, we recommend starting with the reverse osmosis water and adding the calcium carbonate to the sparging water. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Search Results for "". Wine Ingredients.Those three letters can sell almost anything, market analysis tells us year after year. Over time, the IPA category has splintered further into a dozen sub-styles: Every color, every strength, every possible combination of yeast strains.

Beyond hoppy, drinkers and brewers can seem to change their mind about what they want the style to be year after year. While this riffing on a common theme is far from new in beer, it can seem to affect IPAs far more than other styles. The common story that IPA was invented to survive the long ocean voyage is actually a bit of a distortion of the truth; hoppy pale ales existed before the style was defined, and independent of the India route.

Little realized, too, is that historic English IPAs resembled American hop-bombs closer than their contemporary English cousins. But the powerful forces of taste and taxes changed much over time, and the English IPA of the mids emerged as a quite different beer from those of the mids.

Half a century ago, the IPAs of England barely resembled their historic predecessors. American brewers, of course, took a run at it from there. Soon, of course, this thirst would spread across the country. Brewmaster Mitch Steele describes the conception of the beer that would form the blueprint for hoppy American ales for years to come: Anchor Liberty Ale.

Hopped entirely with Cascade, it was a massively bitter beer for its time, at 40 plus IBUs. Sierra Nevada based their game-changing pale ale around Liberty.

But as more and more and more breweries opened, these American commonalities were shuffled off into a new era of regionalism. Or the perceived distinction, anyway — it stands to reason that the lines would begin to blur over time, that not every last brewery would stick to its geographical inheritance.

The East Coast took its cues from contemporary brewing trends in England, with ample crystal malt providing contrast to hop bitterness. West Coast brewers dug in on paler concoctions with unashamed bitterness, in some ways closer to English IPAs of an earlier era. Mitch Steele agrees. Brewers tend to share so much information, regional differences are going away.

As trends change, balance is often the big riddle for American IPA brewers and drinkers alike. It seems to mean something different to everyone, and no one can even seem to agree whether an IPA needs to be balanced — again, depending on what you even mean by the term.

That said, I do think some brewers are too nervous about going for the gusto with their hop additions. Using a skillful blend of hops in very large quantities can result in a wonderful balance too. For Suarez, balance is relatively straightforward. This is what beer drinkers and brewers want nowadays.

award winning all grain beer recipes

The IBU arms race is over, and people just want a drinkable beer. Jean Broillet IV, Brewmaster at Tired Hands in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, points out that humans are wired to avoid bitterness, even if it becomes an acquired taste for some. Brewers across the country have now caught on to the fact that dense, vibrant hop flavors can be packed into a beer that will appeal to hopheads and bitterness-fearers alike.

Whirlpool hopping might be the standout trend in this new school of thought regarding IPAs. To round out the mouthfeel of a beer, Trogner says, add calcium chloride CaCl 2.German Altbier is not a terribly common style these days. Mine is not a clone recipe.

Award Winning Altbier Recipe – Altered Beast

I created it a few years ago based on what research I had done on the style, as well as some other recipes I found online. A well-balanced, well-attenuated, bitter yet malty, clean, and smooth, amber- to copper-colored German beer. The bitterness is balanced by the malt richness, but the malt intensity and character can range from moderate to high the bitterness increases with the malt richness.

You can read the full style description and stats here. One thing that really distinguishes this style is that it sort of straddles the line between a lager and an ale fermentation profile.

There are a few yeast strains especially well suited for this style. As I mentioned, my recipe is kind of a combination of some examples I found elsewhere, along with my own research into the style.

The recipe itself is really quite simple. This is almost always the best approach. I believe that a good Altbier recipe is pretty simple and easy as well.

This was actually one of the first recipes I came up with on my own. As was my custom at the time, I named it after a popular video game from my youth. Altered Beast.

This all grain Altbier recipe is pretty simple. Of course, as with any recipe, you are free to adapt it to fit your own needs and capabilities. According to my currently preferred beer recipe creation tool, BeerSmith Mobilethe expected statistics for my Altbier recipe, using my brewing setupare as follows:.

So for a typical 6 gallon batch allowing for some loss and an eventual 5 gallons of packaged beerthat might look something like this:. Important Note: Check the Alpha Acid numbers on your package of hops. Depending on the starting AA and the age, you may need to adjust the amount of hops added to hit your bitterness target!

Other appropriate yeasts are available from most of the good yeast labs. Here are some important things to look for. I try to keep some of that yeast on-hand for surprise brew days, just because it is so versatile and clean. You might have noticed that I am suggesting a couple of different dry yeasts here.

There are of course good liquid yeasts available as well:. I generally use Reverse Osmosis water from the store or my home RO filtration system to start with.

I typically add a teaspoon of Calcium Chloride and Gypsum as a base for many of my recipes. I mash this recipe at a slightly lower temperature for a longer time in order to in theory produce a more fermentable wort. I do this since my preferred yeast mentioned above is not super attenuative, and I want my Altbier to have a nice, crisp finish. Just add your FWH addition when you begin sparging into your boil kettlethen hit it with the flameout addition after a traditional 60 minute boil.

In fact, I should probably turn that into a separate article.

Cream Ale Beer Recipes

EDIT: I did! Enjoy, like everything in life, sharing is caring! So please use the buttons at the top or bottom of this post to share the recipe with one of your homebrewing friends! Table of Contents. This Altbier looks pretty tasty, right?In this recipe compilation, we present contest-winning brews from events all over the United States.

There is no right or wrong beer, only the one that happens to stand out at any given moment. All of these winning brewers enter numerous competitions each year and continually fine-tune their recipes. At this level, homebrewing is something of a passion.

award winning all grain beer recipes

But, if nothing else, the competitions provide feedback and insight that can be used in creating a future award winner — or at the very least, a fine beverage to consume with friends.

Ingredients 9. The last step is a mash done via decoction; pull one-third of mash and boil it for 10 minutes. Boil wort 70 mins. Ingredients 2. In your brewpot, combine liquid from steep with dried malt extract and water to make 3 gallons 11 L and bring to a boil. Add first wort hops as liquid approaches a boil. Boil for 60 minutes, adding remaining hops at times indicated and liquid malt extract for final 15 minutes of the boil.

Cool wort and transfer to fermenter. Top up, aerate and pitch yeast. Step by Step Use 1. Dry hop for 4 weeks. Ingredients 1. Steep for 45 minutes. In brewpot, combine liquid from steep, dried malt extract and water to make 3. Bring to a boil and boil for 60 minutes, adding hops at times indicated and liquid malt extract for final 15 minutes of the boil. Top up to 5 gallons 19 Laerate and pitch yeast. I pay just enough attention to detail to ensure I am brewing what I started out to brew, but if I am not having fun and enjoying myself it ceases to be a hobby.

Ingredients 3 lbs. Used fly sparge method. Boil time was 60 minutes.Here are 10 award-winners that go down easy. An winner fromit still works and still pairs perfectly with something off the grill. A Brisket in a Bottle and a brisket on a plate sounds pretty damn ideal. Not overly sweet but full-bodied and hoppy. Ah, the lawnmower beer. Instead of turning to one of the usual suspects—Bud, Miller, etc. If you want to craft something hoppy and wonderful, try this winner from the National Homebrewers Conference.

Just order a ton of pellets and get to work. The malty brew works regardless of season. This recipe beat out over others in the European Amber Lager category to snag top honors a couple of years back at the National Homebrewers Conference. This Pale Ale packs a juicy citrus profile thanks to the use of Centennial and Simcoe hops. It requires Shuksan strawberries—yes, strawberry varieties, like apple varieties, matter—coriander, orange peel, and Brettanomyces yeast.

How does it crank up the alcohol? In American Barley Wine fashion, it even gets balanced out with some nice hop notes. A tip of the hat to Alex Buerckholtz who won medals for this beer back in Made to support you day-to-day, moment-to-moment. Skip to content.

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Award-Winning American IPA Recipes

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Please consider upgrading! Looking for a beer recipe? Conduct a minute boil, following the hop addition schedule as …More. Boil 60 minutes, adding kettle hops, …More.

award winning all grain beer recipes

Follow along the process of making this easy amber ale with our Easy Guide To …More. Grind unmalted wheat berries in malt mill until the consistency of grits; this takes approximately …More.

Mash 4. Collect approximately 6. The original brewing record is rather concise.

The HomeBrewTalk Top 100 Recipes – 24 – 1

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award winning all grain beer recipes

Proven homebrew recipes. Find beer, save. Discover nearby taprooms, breweries, brewpubs and homebrew shops.New threads and interesting conversations directly in your inbox. Sign up now and get a daily summary of the latest forum activities! This is it! These are the top recipes here on HomeBrewTalk. Each recipe is a personal journey in brewing that ended up being an influence to a good portion of the brewing world.

The top 5 recipes from the top 4 brewers have seen more than 2, views combined and have been brewed by countless brewers the world over. Lets try to count them all the same. For recipes — 75 please follow this link. For recipes 74 — 50 please follow this link. For recipes 49 — 25 please follow this link. Cottage House Saison — azscoob. Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone — skeezerpleezer. The Pious — Westvleteren 12 style quad — multiple — saq. Graff Malty, slightly hopped cider — Brandon O.

Thanks again to everyone who enjoys HomeBrewTalk. Today we raise a glass to everyone who calls HomeBrewTalk their home for all things Homebrewing. Well deserved. I really love the sharing aspect of this forum, and all of the recipes that are posted for all of us to use. Love this idea, would like to see something similar done for each style. There are limitations in what I can use. Excellent job Austin! To see a couple of mine make the list was really special!

Started at 10, now up to Thanks for this article, and the other three in the series. They are and will be a great reference when looking for recipes to try. Of the three, I only brew 2 regularly.

Homebrewing Basics: All-Grain Brewing

Thank you for this series. These are fabulous beers, I am sure. Still, I wonder what extraordinary recipes are not on the list because they were submitted by those who are less popular. Our only reasonable course of action is to take these popular recipes as jumping off points only — modifying, tweaking, and adjusting until we believe we cannot improve them any further.

We will know. Love this series! Also the Centennial Blonde was amazing. THis is a great site. I enter maybe one beer in one contest per year and this year mine was a close approximation of It won a silver in a BJCP contest out of 15 entries so thank you Ed and thanks Austin for putting these lists together.

Proud to see that I contributed something to this list — and with one of my favorite recipes too!

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