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The Inventory Management App has the following powerful features:. Why the trend? Businesses and organizations are automating data capture by tracking and updating inventory data in real-time through bar code scanning or image capture. What does an Excel spreadsheet have to do with this? If you are considering making an inventory app on your own, you will need to begin the process with a spreadsheet and there are some great Excel inventory management templates.

The following sections describe some free inventory management excel templates that can help you get started. Never tracked inventory but want to start tracking it now? Of course, to meet your business needs you can add or update columns. For example, to manage reordering, you can add columns for reorder levels and reorder quantities. Copy the excel template and the app, and customize your own way. If you want to learn how the app was made, read this blog. Manufacturing Inventory Excel Template.

This template works for any business that purchases raw materials, manufactures in-house and then sells products to customers. For example, a bicycle producer, a furniture manufacturer or even a car company. This template is made up of three main tabs—Sales, Parts and Inventory. Orange columns allow you to enter data.

Based on that, the template calculates and auto-fills data. Initial Stock is equal to the previous day's inventory. Bonus : I converted this spreadsheet into a mobile app. You can use it on iOS and Android devices. The app fosters team collaboration —manufacturing team, sales team and warehouse inventory team can enter data simultaneously. It allows inventory managers to check inventory data anywhere and any time.

It eliminates data entry errors and data migration errors from paper to computers. It enables sales managers, production managers and inventory mangers to pull historical data, conduct analysis and make decisions on that. The template is for companies who have warehouses and put their raw materials in bins of different sizes in different bin locations.

The Inventory Pick List tab allows users to easily locate where to pick up an item and the quantity of the item. The Bin Lookup tab acts as a bin database where information such as size, location and bin number are stored.AppSheet provides a no-code development platform for application softwarewhich allows users to create mobiletablet, and web applications using data sources like Google DriveDropBoxOfficeand other cloud-based spreadsheet and database platforms. The platform can be utilized for a broad set of business use cases including project managementcustomer relationship managementfield inspectionsand personalized reporting.

AppSheet was acquired by Google in January The AppSheet platform allows users to create mobile apps from cloud-based spreadsheets and databases. AppSheet apps capture data in the form of images, signatures, geolocation, barcodes, and NFC. Data is automatically synced to the cloud-based, or users can opt to manually sync the data at any time. Common uses for data capture include field or equipment inspections, safety inspections, reporting, and inventory management.

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Synced, shared data allows users to collaborate across mobile or desktop devices. Workflow rules can also be used to trigger notifications or work-based assignments where appropriate. Offline access is also possible as data storage is localized to the device and synced upon internet connectivity returns. AppSheet data can be displayed in graphical and interactive formats. Common data views include tables, forms, maps, charts, calendars, and dashboards.

Each app can hold multiple views consisting of data from various sources. AppSheet's platform allows users to declare the logic of the app's activity in order to customize the app's user experience rather than use traditional code.

This level of abstraction essentially trades a granular level of customization that would be available through hard code for increased efficiency, scalability, and security that would be available through a declarative model. Data is stored on a user's device and the user's existing cloud-based storage system.

AppSheet then applies the changes to the backend spreadsheet on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. The latest version of the spreadsheet or database is read from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc and sent back to the mobile app. AppSheet's platform is also verified as SOC2 compliant. AppSheet was originally founded by Praveen Seshadri in March after several months of developing the product at his home in SeattleWashington.

InAppSheet was recognized by TiE as a Tie50 award recipient recognizing innovative tech startups. InAppSheet launched SPEC, a natural-language programming tool allowing non-coders to build apps by asking users in plain English what they want to build. InAppSheet was named a leader by Forrester Research for mobile low-code platforms for business developers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. AppSheet Type.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Subsidiary of Google. Platform as a service Digital transformation Enterprise Software.Syncing data in AppSheet apps traditionally occurs when the 'Sync' menu button is pressed, or occurs in the background after a change has been made. Now, by 'pulling' your view downward on touch-screen devices, you'll notice a new, quick syncing method for ensuring you have the latest data in your app.

This new sync method helps make your app functionality more familiar to most app users with modern devices, and reduces the chance your users are interacting with outdated information. This feature is in the process of being rolled out to app creators - try it out in any of your apps soon, and let your users know!

It's officially now available as a new expression in the AppSheet Editor to help find specific items contained within any of your lists! Or, say you have a list of email addresses from recently added contacts - using SPLITyou can automatically extract just the email domain name, by splitting at the ' '.

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Have you used any of these features yet? We're interested to hear your thoughts! Add your comments below or join the App Creator Community and collaborate with other app creators. Back to Blog Listing. Feature of the Week: Pull to Sync Syncing data in AppSheet apps traditionally occurs when the 'Sync' menu button is pressed, or occurs in the background after a change has been made.

Post Comment. As the summer starts, we want to remind you of features that we recently added to the platform. Today is mainly about Actions. But there are other goodies as well! Feature Friday: The Logical Song. Welcome back to Feature Friday. We packed it this week with updates to how AppSheet works with formulas and your data to enhance the app user experience.

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Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have a spreadsheet with two sheets inside. The name of the first sheet is fr and the name of the second sheet cql. The first sheet contains data as below:. I want do something here with Google Apps Script. My script should get the value from each row, from the first column of my first sheet frand search for a cell in the second sheet cqlwhich contain that value.

That is, the script first gets the value Ghees Alias T from the first sheet and searches the entire second sheet to get a cell with a value containing that string "Ghees". If script finds a cell, then it should return the row index and column index of that cell. Edit: As of now, I have developed my script up to this, in which it will select the cell with the item given.

Now I want to get the row and column index of that cell. And please give any advice also to make the search algorithm much more efficient. Both data ranges are "captured" at once via the.

AppSheet Launches Smart Assistant™, an Automatic Conversational UI for Apps

The 2d array, that's being returned, includes empty rows and columns. This means that all we need to do is correct for the zero based array and we have a row and column index. Finally, the output is returned. I've created an example file for you: get cell row and column index.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Fetch cell row and column indices in Google Sheets Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 1 month ago. Active 2 years, 3 months ago.

TiE Inflect 2018 announces AppSheet as a 2018 TiE50 Winner

Viewed 22k times. The first sheet contains data as below: and the second as follows: I want do something here with Google Apps Script. Uvais Ibrahim Uvais Ibrahim 2 2 gold badges 5 5 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. What exacty is it that you're asking? Please see the edit. I'm trying to do something similar. I haven't been able to find anything helpful. I'm about to decide I have to do some sort of counting in my loop through the sheet and figure out the coordinates that way. Seems sort of hacky to me but maybe it will work.

Uvais, were you able to use my solution? Active Oldest Votes. With the following little piece of code you can accomplish that.

Screenshot find search result Example I've created an example file for you: get cell row and column index. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.Write the first review. Signing in with LinkedIn shows that your review is genuine and written by a real person. We can't and wouldn't post anything to your LinkedIn account or to your connections. Claim this page Write a review. What is AppSheet? No-Code App Building Platform 1: Connect to your data Make apps directly from your data stored in the cloud, whether in spreadsheets, databases or cloud services.

You can easily add a number of popular features without writing any code. Use the apps across a variety of devices: phones, tablets, and web browsers. Claim this page Write a review Visit www. Serchen Index View Profile. Knack App Building Software. Tvisha Technologie. App Building Software. TeamDesk App Building Software. Clavax App Building Software. Instappy App Building Software. Snappii App Building Software. GoodBarber App Building Software.

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You can write unverified reviews too. Review submitted Thanks for writing a review, please allow 48 hours for it to appear on the site. Close Window.Normally, a feature like this would take months to implement, requiring senior developer expertise and at least a six-figure investment. In contrast, Smart Assistant delivers a Siri-like experience that is customized to each app built with the AppSheet platform within minutes.

appsheet index

Once enabled, app users can simply type or use voice commands to access data immediately, whether in an office or in the field. Smart Assistant is a natural language interface that empowers app users to bypass an app's interface and directly query the underlying data.

It understands the intent of the user's request and performs the actions requested. For example, searching for a specific sales order and updating that order or, in a hands-free environment, vocally updating a maintenance log while traveling to the next destination. By simply checking a box in the platform, app creators can activate Smart Assistant across all apps deployed for their business, which can be done at any point during or after app creation.

With it, users can directly access information using simple phrases rather than learning or navigating the app interface. With the launch of Smart Assistant, AppSheet continues to push the envelope on how to seamlessly integrate new, intelligent technology into its proprietary no-code app platform. Unlike code-driven platforms, the AppSheet platform is intent-driven, able to derive the intent of the app being built.

appsheet index

As a result, models for rich AI features can be automatically created, making it much easier to integrate forward-looking technology. In that survey, AppSheet received the highest score in the strategy category.

For more information, go here. Currently, users in over countries rely on AppSheet to help them create apps that fit their particular business needs in industries such as retail, construction and manufacturing, food and hospitality, sales, education, real estate, and IT services.

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appsheet index

Import data from Excel. Export data to Excel. Use Flow to automate processes. App makers can manage their organization's mission-critical data by quickly creating custom business apps without writing code. Common Data Service is the data platform that lets you securely store and manage data used by business apps.

More information: Create apps. What are canvas apps? Create a sample app.

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