3 door mantrap

I became familiar with man traps while working on a project a few years ago for an FBI Field office. A man trap typically includes a door leading into a vestibule or hallway that leads to another door that leads to a secured area. One door has to be closed and locked before the other will open. This security can be accomplished in many ways. The most common is with magnetic locks but could also be achieved manually with the use of armed guards.

Man traps are not only used in high-security applications, but also in clean rooms where the flow of air and dust must be controlled. The most unlikely place I have run into a man trap was when I volunteered at a bat conservancy. We entered a preparation area where we put on gloves, heavy rubber aprons and rubber boots.

Once the door closed and locked behind us we stepped into another bleach solution and were allowed to enter the habitat area. Anderson Lock in Chicago, Illinois, is a prime example!

3 door mantrap

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mantrap (interlocking door controller)

Back to Blog. Amanda Wilson, of A. Well, what is it? The person would then present the required credentials, which might include a keycard, PIN, biometrics or some combination thereof.

Upon successful authentication, the door to the mantrap unlocks, allowing entry into the mantrap. The first door must securely close before the person can continue, thus ensuring no one else can enter the vestibule area. The person then may be required to present credentials before entering the door leading into the secured area.When it comes to protecting sensitive data, staff and visitors, and complying with industry regulations, mantrap security doors, or security portals, are the most reliable entry solution on the market.

These unique entrances are ideal for controlling access at data centersjewelry stores, banks and corporate office buildings. The user must provide valid authorization to pass through the first set of doors into the mantrap, and may be required to provide secondary authorization credentials, often via biometrics, to pass through the second set of doors into the secure area. There a variety of security entrances on the market — what makes the mantrap so much better?

Here are 3 reasons:. Click here to read more about each of these three benefits. Several sizes of mantrap are available, including portals large enough to accommodate wheelchairs or delivery carts. Depending on the model, options are available for enhanced security such as: bullet-resistant glass, two-way StereoVision for piggybacking detection, surface and recessed mounting, and a variety of architectural finishes.

When it is critical that only one person enters, and the right person, the Circlelock mantrap door is the only security entrance that will do the job. This portal solution does not require manned supervision and can offer a payback in just a few years. Click here to learn more about the Circlelock. This half mantrap security door is a space- and money-saving retrofit solution for verticals looking to prevent unauthorized access. The Combi attaches directly to an existing swing door, reducing liability and increasing security.

Click here to learn more about the Circlelock Combi.

3 door mantrap

These single entry mantrap security doors offer unique features, such as metal detection, for special applications. Some organizations try to build their own mantrap vestibules because they don't know an alternative solution already exists. Click the button below to download a free flyer that compares DIY vestibules with portal solutions.

Skip to main content. United States. Mantrap Security Doors When it comes to protecting sensitive data, staff and visitors, and complying with industry regulations, mantrap security doors, or security portals, are the most reliable entry solution on the market. What is a Mantrap Security Solution? Share this page. Contact Info Boon Edam Inc. Privacy Policy Disclaimer Cookie Statement.

To help you faster - what can we help you with today? Leave this field blank. Circlelock Mantrap Portal When it is critical that only one person enters, and the right person, the Circlelock mantrap door is the only security entrance that will do the job.

Circlelock Combi Half-Door This half mantrap security door is a space- and money-saving retrofit solution for verticals looking to prevent unauthorized access. TAP Cylindrical Portals These single entry mantrap security doors offer unique features, such as metal detection, for special applications.Mantraps limit access to secure areas within a facility while providing an effective means to physically detain unauthorized persons until security provides clearance.

In its most basic form, a mantrap is comprised of a set of doors that requires the person to enter the first while the others are closed. Mantraps are typically manual swing doors forming a vestibule but can also use sliding doors or gates. Some mantraps use turnstiles or revolving doors. Once inside the first door, the person cannot pass through the second door until the first door is closed. This system provides security in at least three ways. It makes it difficult to forcibly gain entry by knocking down a single door; it allows time to evaluate the person in the mantrap before releasing him or her through the second door; and it allows entry of only one person at a time.

In large scale systems such as those found in casinos, healthcare facilities, government installations and large financial institutions, as many as 99 doors can be configured into a single massive mantrap system. The programmable nature of such large systems provides system designers and integrators with the flexibility to implement complex systems involving dozens of rooms and safe areas.

Typical mantrap configurations There are a few basic mantrap configurations for different levels of applications. Mantrap systems employing air lock control are generally designed for minimum security applications where all of the doors in the system are normally unlocked until any door is opened. Once any door is opened, all other doors in the system automatically lock.

This configuration provides easy entry or egress with no access wait time, but is the least secure as two or more doors may be opened simultaneously.

Newton Security T-DAR mantrap tailgating with interlocking door example

Typically, this design incorporates door position switches to control the mantrap system. Exterior doors are normally secured and interior doors normally unlocked.

A card access system controls entry from the exterior and an R-E-X device is used on the interior of the outside door. A valid access card will unlock the exterior door only if the interior door is closed. Unlocking the exterior door will lock the interior door. Once the exterior door is re-secured, the interior door is unlocked to allow access into the facility.

Opening the interior door prevents the exterior door from being unlocked. Restricted entry and exit mantrap systems provide the highest level of security. With all doors in the system locked, a door can only be unlocked by making a request for access if any other door in the system is unlocked.

As a result, opening any door keeps all other doors secure. The more secure mantrap systems will buffer simultaneous requests for access to prevent two or more doors from being unlocked. The best designs use lock monitoring sensors in lieu of door switches. A vestibule with series magnetic locks and magnetic bond sensors on the interior and exterior doors secure the floor entry.

Access is authorized through the key switches on each side of the secured doors. The mantrap controller prevents the second door from being unlocked while the first door is unsecured. A door prop alarm is used at every secured door to insure that each is properly re-secured after an authorized access.

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Mantrap Security Doors

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3 door mantrap

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Known as mantrap, interlock or airlock systems, these systems provide safety, security and environmental control between two or more rooms or even hospital bathrooms shared by two patient rooms. Select from standard systems and access hardware to ensure that doors may be locked or unlocked only when the proper conditions exist.

Or provide SDC with your special requirements large or small, and we will engineer a mantrap system for you. IP Pro Access Controller. PoE Hardware. Access Control. Magnetic Locks. Electrified Locksets. Standalone Locksets.

Mantrap (access control)

Electric Strikes. Exit Devices. Delayed Egress. Electric Deadbolts. Power Controllers. Egress Devices. ADA Compliant Solutions. Power Transfer Devices. Door Core Drill Fixture. Communicating Bathroom Systems. Elevator Lobby Door System.

Door Prop Alarm. Company About SDC. Photo Library. News Sign up for eNews. Documents Literature Request.A mantrap is a small room with an entry door on one wall and an exit door on the opposite wall.

One door of a mantrap cannot be unlocked and opened until the opposite door has been closed and locked. Mantraps are most often used in physical security to separate non-secure areas from secure areas and prevent unauthorized access.

They can also be found in high tech manufacturing to provide entry and exit chambers for clean rooms. In the Middle Ages, mantraps were used to check visitor credentials in prisons. Pass-through authorization is validated by smart cardkey fob or biometric verification.

Some systems may employ three-dimensional optical imaging or thermal imaging technology to prevent more than one person from passing through a mantrap at the same time. This video shows a mantrap denying access to an employee until both doors are closed and locked.

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3 door mantrap

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